SPINHEADSvs machines

HELP! Machines have taken control!

Not far from us you will meet the SPINHEADS, a little bunch of strange creatures, who love jumping and spinning around in mysterious caves. But life here has changed for the worse: Useful so far, their machines became suddenly so powerful that they have taken control. Now the SPINHEADS are on the way to reconquer their country from the evil metallic force...


SPINHEADS is already available on STEAM!

Struggle through in best time

Fight weird machines, avoid nasty traps and overcome rotating obstacles on your way to the exit portal as fast as possible. Move the SPINHEADS through tricky caves and labyrinths in best time and join the speedrun to rank in the global high score.

Spinheads vs. Machines - Reach The Goal in Best Time
Spinheads - Unlock More Characters

Unlock more characters

Steelia, Rambel, Ghostel, Mummel, Speedia & Co: Collect NEWTONS to unlock all SPINHEADS with different stats and find out which character suits you best. Or spend NEWTONS when all lives are lost to continue playing a level from where you failed.

Spinheads - Unlock More Characters

Destroy the energy source

Explore the mysterious caves and gather all the hidden keystones on your way to face the final fight. Destroy ultimately the mighty energy source to free the country from the metallic force.

Have you got what it takes?

Spinheads vs. Machines - Destroy the Energy Source

SPINHEADS will be available soon for the following platforms:

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